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Toddler Obstacle Course - This self-contained fun house has 2 slides, a tunnel, obstacles, bounce area, horses and more.

Dimensions L25'xW15'xH12'

Rental $190 with coupon $180

30 Foot Obstacle Course

30 Foot Obstacle Course - This obstacle course of fun has 2 slides, a tunnel, obstacles, bounce area, climbing wall and more all for those bigger kids.

Dimensions L30'xW11'xH12'

Rental $215 with coupon $205

30 Foot Obstacle Course


Adrenalin Rush JR.

Adrenaline Rush JR. Obstacle Course - This double lane obstacle course allows for some crazy fun races.  Racers compete through horizontal pop-ups, vertical bumps, tunnels, and end with a 15ft rock climb and slide.

Dimensions L26'xW17'xH15'

Rental $285 with coupon $275

Adrenaline Rush Jr Entrance

Adrenaline Rush Jr Top View

Adrenaline Rush Jr Layout