Rental Info


We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, and CASH. 
At this time, we DO NOT accept personal checks.


We are insured to rent at all of the local playgrounds in the Harahan, Kenner, and Jefferson Parish recreation systems.  We also rent to many school fairs and summer camps.


We offer delivery of our inflatable units free to Harahan, Kenner, Metairie, and Metro New Orleans. 



  1. Absolutely no “Silly String” to be used in or near inflatable unit.  There will be a $500 fine plus appropriate cleaning costs.
  2. Absolutely no gum, candy, food, drinks or other sticky substances are allowed in the inflatable unit.  If upon pick up, such cleaning is required then a $100.00 cleaning fee shall be automatically imposed.
  3. No rider may enter the inflatable without an operator present.
  4. Only compatible age groups and size shall play on the unit at the same time. The maximum number of each group that should play in inflatable unit are: 0 kids under 2; 10 kids under 6; 6 kids from 6 to 9; 4 kids from 9 to 12; or 2 teens.
  5. All Riders MUST REMOVE SHOES, JEWELRY, EARRINGS, KEYS, CHANGE, EYEGLASSES and other SHARP objects before playing in the inflatable unit.
  6. Riders who are visibly ill or under the influence of drugs or alcohol are not permitted to enter the inflatable.
  7. To avoid neck and back injuries, FLIPS, SOMERSAULTS, and ROUGHHOUSING ARE NOT ALLOWED.
  8. Individuals with head, neck or back injuries, pregnant women, small infants, and others who may be susceptible to injury from falls, bumps, or bouncing are not permitted in the unit at any time.
  9. Children’s safety depends upon you.  Your personal supervision is absolutely required.  As the Lessee of the bounce unit, the safety of all riders is your responsibility.  No horseplay or tipping of unit allowed.
  10. Do not allow children to play or climb on a partially inflated unit.  Do not allow children to play or climb on outside walls, sides, netting, doorway or roof/top of unit.  No jumping off of the top of the slide, no sliding backwards or head-first, no running up/down slides.  No jumping off of netting or pulling on the netting.
  11. Do not bounce closer that 3 ft. from each other.  Do not bounce against the sides or near the front entrance.
  12. The inflatable must remain plugged in at all times while in use. If the inflatable deflates, evacuate unit calmly, as there is no threat of injury if involuntary deflation occurs.
  13. Do not modify any of the safety features of the unit.  Do not modify the steps or climbing walls of the unit.


  1. Do not allow riders to remove any slide liners, liners on the slide landing or pool liners.  A $100 fee will be imposed for any liners that have been removed from the inflatable.  If a liner should become loose, the operators should make sure that the liner is properly installed before the next rider uses the slide.
  2. No jumping off of the top of the slide, no sliding backwards or head-first, no running up/down slides.  Slide ONLY feet first in the center of the slide.
  3. No double sliding.  No climbing over the slide walls.
  4. Maximum of 2 people at one time on the slide.  One person going up the slide while the other person is sliding down.

FAMILY TIME INFLATABLES, LLC reserves the right to cancel your reservations and return your deposit, if it appears weather conditions will pose risk to the equipment / units or to the safety of persons. (i.e. rain, mud, high wind, extreme cold of less than 45 degrees and/or thunder/lightening. If this is the case, a representative will contact and inform the renter of the cancellation via the provided phone numbers. Please ensure we are able to contact you in at one of the numbers you provided 1-3 hours prior to your rental period, as we will not be responsible for missed calls and/or notifications not being made. If it is raining or it is expected to rain on the day of your rental, but conditions are expected to improve by your rental period, you will be contacted by phone about 1-3 hours prior to delivery. At this time, you will be asked if you wish to go forward with the agreement or cancel. If you cancel, the deposit or any payments made will be returned in the form of a check and mailed to the renter's address. If you later cancel upon delivery, after agreeing to go forward with the rental over the phone, you will forfeit your deposit, as an unnecessary trip charge. However, once the units are setup and in operation and this agreement is executed and monies paid, there is no refund for any reason.

WIND: If sustained wind speed is predicted or actually exceeds 15 MPH, YOU SHOULD NOT USE AN INFLATABLE UNIT. If we determine these conditions to be present on the day of your rental, we will cancel the reservation for safety reasons. You will be entitled to a full refund of monies deposited, in accordance with our refund policy. YOU are ultimately responsible for the safety of the children--DO NOT TAKE ANY CHANCES!!