Wet/Dry Slides

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 Big Kahuna Dry/Water Slide - The best known waterslide around.  This slide can handle all ages as they make their way to the inflated pool at the bottom.  A huge water slide that is always a hit.

Dimensions L35'xW15'xH17'

Rental $290 with coupon $275

 Double Lane Big Kahuna Dry/Water Slide - 2 Lanes of Big Kahuna fun for twice the experience of the original Big Kahuna.

Dimensions L35'xW15'xH19'

Rental $385 with coupon $370

 Wild Rapids Water Slide - The largest dual lane water slide around.  Rip around the curve and come to a splash down landing in the pool.

Dimensions L25'xW16'xH18'

Rental $315 with coupon $300

Wild Rapids pool landing.

 FIRE & ICE Dry/Water Slide - The first 2-story, double lane water slide.  Climb up the ladder and stop at the first platform or for the daring, climb your way up to the second story, sit down and slide to the speeding around the turn as you make your way.

Dimensions L34'xW17'xH20'

Rental $355 with coupon $340

Fire & Ice for DRY USE.

 RAMPAGE Water Slide - This 21 ft. slide is the steepest scariest half-pike monster you have ever been on.  This fast slide will have you screaming forwards and backwards.

Dimensions L30'xW18'xH21'

Rental $360 with coupon $345

       Rampage SIDE View.

 Super Splash Water Slide - On hot sunny days, the Super Splash Water Slide is a great way to cool down. This 18 ft. slide is a whole lot of fun.  Climb to the top, look down, and get ready for the rush.  From small to big, everyone will have a Super time on this water slide.  On those cooler days, use it dry for those same big thrills.

Dimensions L33'xW14'xH18'

Rental $260 with coupon $245

                                         Splash down in the pool.

 Cliffhanger Water Slide - This 18 ft. slide has 2 lanes, two pools, and is as tall as the Big Kahuna.  The steepest slide around will have you screaming over the edge.

Dimensions L29'xW16'xH18'

Rental $305 with coupon $290

 Speedway Water Slide - 2 riders can race down side-by-side on this fast fun 18 ft. slide.  Race over the 2 humps splashing down into the pool.

 Dimensions L34'xW11'xH18'

Rental $280 with coupon $265

 Double Splash Water SlideTwo lanes, two pools, too much fun.  Perfect for any backyard.

Dimensions L23'xW15'xH15'

Rental $255 with coupon $240

 Wipe Out Water Slide - High, Fast, and Bouncy.  You will have fun when you wipe out on this slide.  Even comes in 2 sizes.

WIPE OUT JR - Perfect for any size backyard.
Dimensions L29'xW14'xH17'
Rental $280 with coupon $265

WIPE OUT - Taller and Longer than the wipeout junior.
Dimensions L36'xW14'xH19'
Rental $310 with coupon $295

 Double Dip Castle - Get this unique 2 lane combo slide wet or dry.  2 lanes means twice the fun.

Wet Dimensions L30'xW13'xH18'
Wet Rental $265 with coupon $250

Dry Dimensions L22'xW13'xH18'
Dry Rental $220 with coupon $210

Stairs leading up to the pool..   Double Dip DRY version (no pool).

 16ft Deep Sea Plunge - Take the plunge in this nice aquamarine themed slide.  Perfect for the little ones with its medium height platform.

Dimensions L27'xW10'xH16'

Rental $245 with coupon $230

 18ft Long Blaster Slide - Blast down this medium sized slide and splash down into an inflatable landing.  This slide is fun wet or dry.

Dimensions L29'xW14'xH18'
Rental $250 with coupon $235

18FT Blaster pool landing.

  6 in 1 Wet Combo - If you can't decide if you want to jump, slide, or run through obstacles, then you need this combo.  From sliding to obstacles, this combo has it all.  Customize it with one of our many party THEMES.

Dimensions W16'xL20'xH15'

Rental $230 with coupon $215 

 15ft Splash Dry/Water The perfect water slide for your little water bugs.  Splash on down to the pool today.

Dimensions W10'xL22'xH15'

Rental $215 with coupon $200

 Lil Splash Dry/Water - The tamest water slide of them all, for young ones looking to have some relaxing fun in the sun.

Dimensions W14'xL25'xH12'

Rental $200 with coupon $185

 16ft Dry Slide - This slide is perfect for the little ones since it has just an inflatable landing.

Dimensions L24'xW14'xH16'

We take pride in delivering family fun to Harahan, Kenner, Metairie, Jefferson, River Ridge, St. Rose and most of the New Orleans area.  So when you need a bounce house, combo, water slide or some other inflatable at your next party, contact us today.  
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